Storage and Parking

Leave your car in a fully secure and safe space where our specialists maintain the best conditions to ensure its preservation (temperature, security, moisture, etc.) for a short or a long-term period. Knowing your car is safe, maintained and ready to go whenever you want, enough to reassure the most anxious.


Le Haras des Eternelles offers two monthly solutions ranging from simple storage to regular and careful maintenance :

Solution #1 = 279€ TTC/month :

Storage with protective cover.

Continuous battery load maintenance.

A monthly check-up that includes :

Liquid levels checking.

Tyre air pressure.

Solution  #2 = 299€ TTC/month (highly recommended for classic cars that require regular use to avoid breakdown):

Solution #1 services + Dynamic maintenance : Vehicle start and regular test drive.

Would you like to get a cleaned-up car back with full fuel tank? LHDE offers additional services  to meet the highest customers demands.

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